We need an Exorcist…

I’ll warn you, this blog may give you shivers, or if nothing else, it will make you wonder….

One weekend, when my stepdaughter was about 3 years old we were staying with my mother-in-law. Everyone was sleeping soundly, then at about 6am, she came thundering into our room, crying and screaming “Piggy!! Piggy!! PIGGGGY!!!”.  She launched herself into bed with us and between tears of horror, explained her baby nightmare about there being a large pig in the room next door to her.

The hubby calmed her down, saying there were absolutely no pigs in the house, just her family and she was quite safe.  Unconvinced, but safe in his arms, she settled down.

Then we heard it…..”Snrrrkk! Snnrrrrk!  Snnnnnnrrrrrrkkkkk!”.

We looked directly at each other, immediately twigged what had terrified her, and then burst out laughing.  We had never laughed so much, bless her she hadn’t a clue.  My mother-in-law (Nanny) was in the room next to her’s and was ‘sleeping’……very loudly….

That story has been retold on many occasion and was a firm favourite with everyone.  Especially Rita, who roared with laughter every time she re-called how she had terrified her 3 year old granddaughter.

That little girl is now 16 years old and this Christmas, her night terror was stepped up a few notches.

My stepdaughter loves a horror movie, has done for years.  For her 16th birthday the hubby took her to see The Exorcist Live and whilst she doesn’t scare easily, she was well and truly disturbed this Christmas.

It was four days after Christmas, 5:15am. In the house was myself, the hubby, my Mum, my stepson (18), stepdaughter, and our two boys. All the boys were on the top floor sharing a room. Everyone was sleeping soundly, the house was completely silent, and it was dark as midnight outside.

Suddenly, out of nowhere there was the most ear piercing, high pitched, terrifying scream. It woke the hubby and I up immediately and he sprinted out of the room to check on the kids. Naught to sixty in 5 seconds. Then it happened again. Louder, longer and more blood curdling than before.

I was bolt upright in bed, wide eyed when the hubby came back in and calmly said “It’s your mother, and now she is talking some language backwards, you need to go in and check on her”.

Not a flipping chance in hell! (Sorry Mum!). I had visions of her bolt upright in bed with her head on backwards!!

The screaming stopped, as had her talking, and calm resumed, but then we saw a moving light on the landing,

I went to the bedroom door and spied the two eldest boys and my stepdaughter huddled together by the toilet door….when they turned and saw my silhouette the fear in their eyes was clear.

The first scream had woken them, the stepdaughter immediately texted her brother “What the hell was that??!!”, who rapidly responded “No idea, but terrified!”. They’d agreed to accompany each other to the toilet, as everyone knows, in horror movies being is a crown crowds is safest.

Needless to say we couldn’t sleep after that, although it seemed my mum had not stirred at all. How could that not have woken her?

Slightly concerned she may not be alive, I opened her door to hear her breathing peacefully, oblivious to the chaos she had created.

A couple of hours later, I took a cup of tea into my ‘possessed’ mother, who was completely normal. My eldest joined me and regaled her in the tale. “Grandma, it was completely HORRIFYING!”.

Her and I were both laughing so much at his rambling description, he was right of course, it was horrifying!! She remembered something and nothing about the whole event.

About half an hour later, I was off to drive the husband to the station for work, and I asked my eldest to check on Grandma whilst I was out, to make sure she was dressed and ready to go when I returned.

His face was fabulous! “Are you joking!” He said wide eyed and utterly disgusted at the suggestion. It’ll take a while before he lets Grandma babysit again…

We now have a new nightmare story to tell. We’ve all agreed that the only way you can possibly make that sound (twice) whilst sleeping on your back, would be if you were possessed!! Which would explain the random speech afterwards. Of course it all makes perfect sense…..

Sorry Mum, inclusion in the blog is a perk of being my mother, too good not to tell, thank you, love you!

Never a dull moment in our home. Sleep well…


2 thoughts on “We need an Exorcist…”

  1. Wonderful stories which made me laugh out loud! From previous experience I would have thought Hubby needed guidance after the Exorcist experience!!


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