The most magical moment!!

If you have read my blog recently you will know that we, (probably I) lost the youngest much loved “Blankie” in October half term and life in our household has not been the same since.

After the initial shock of driving five and a half hours back to Kent from Preston and realising Blankie wasn’t with us, the youngest seem to get over it relatively quickly.  My friend and I on the other hand were texting, calling and emailing anyone and everyone we had come into contact with.  My friend even went to the B&B to check the room herself – Nada.  No one had (or admitted to having) Blankie.  I have my suspicions that it was left in the back of a taxi, (maybe by me after too many gins) and the driver simply binned it, but who knows.

A week went by and whilst I was chatting to the youngest he asked when Blankie would be home.  Without thinking I flippantly said “Ah never buddy!  You’ve (probably I’ve) well and truly lost Blankie forever”…..  Oh dear, then the sobbing started, and the gin mummy guilt kicked in.

He couldn’t believe Blankie was actually gone, never to be seen again, ever.  Blankie had been his best friend since birth.  We had never gone anywhere without it, all our friends knew Blankie, our neighbours, our family, he was part of the fabric of our family (excuse the pun!), it was like losing a limb, or a loved family pet.

Weeks went by and the sobbing subsided, but every now and then he would come to me for a cuddle and to let me know he still really missed Blankie.  On the days he wasn’t showing sadness the eldest was quick to antagonise him….”You didn’t love Blankie at all!!”,  “You’ve not cried about him for ages, you’ve just forgotten him!”.  Cue tears from the youngest….and frustrated anger from me at the eldest for starting him off again.

I had to do something….

Blankie had been bought by my mum in Arizona, nine years earlier in Walmart.  In other words, there was no chance of buying a new one.  It was like trying to re-buy a t-shirt you’d bought your three yr old in Sainsburys nine years ago…

I took to Google just in case….scanning by image; Boys blue fleece blanket, boys fleece blanket, baby boy blue fleece blanket, Walmart plane blanket, boy vehicle blanket Walmart…… I tried every variation I could – Nothing….I looked for over an hour.

A few days later, re-energised, I had another quick look: Boys car, helicopter, plane, blue fleece Walmart blanket…..BINGO!!!

Got to love eBay !!


It was Blankie! It was used, but it had to be to be realistic.  I bought it immediately and paid more for the postage than the actual blanket, but crikey it was worth it.

It took three and a half weeks to get Blankie in through the front door, and as soon as I opened it, I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I secretly washed it in our washing powder, and then decided to hide it so Santa could be the hero on this occasion –  I thought it may be a nice touch, to keep the magic alive, especially for the eldest who is heavily suspicious of the old man’s realism.

It nearly killed me keeping it a secret.  Everything else faded into insignificance, I was like the little boy in the first John Lewis Christmas Advert.  I could not wait for Christmas morning for him to open it, and see his little face.

Then as the build up to Christmas intensified, we sadly and unexpectedly lost my mother-in-law.  The whole house was devastated so I explained about white feathers, and how now that “Nanny Fan” was in heaven, every time we saw a white feather, it was from her angel wings, and it meant she was with us.  The youngest loved this idea and for the next 3 days found them everywhere.  Every time he found one he would give it to his dad, or put it on his dad’s pillow to try to cheer him up….it was very special to watch.

So Christmas morning came, and the boys worked their way through Santa’s gifts.  Blankie was second to bottom in the sack, and with two remaining presents the youngest decided to stop for a while – AGH!!  It was killing me…..but for years I’d told the boys to pace themselves, it was now coming back to bite me!

Eventually he couldn’t wait any longer, and he started to open the special package.  I just managed to get my phone to it in time….phew!

I’ll warn you, there were tears….from both of us….short but sweet…Enjoy!

Sorry it was so short, but the boy needed a hug and the phone got dropped.  The best part for me, was a few hours later when he found a white feather attached to Blankie, and said “Mummy look, Nanny!! I bet she helped Santa find him and bring him home”

The most magical moment – my own little John Lewis Christmas advert! Gin mummy guilt gone…..


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