A great Christmas idea in theory!!

This time of year, for me, is all about wrapping gifts…..and trying to do it in secret.  I used to love wrapping as a teenager, full of the excitement of making the little I could afford look impressive.  Now, like packing, I dread it.  Trying to fit it in, remembering to keep santa’s paper different to mummy’s wrapping paper.  Making sure both boys have the same amount, not going overboard, but looking impressive enough on Christmas morning to retain the magic.

This year, (Friday in fact), my dear friend and neighbour and I decided to do it together over a few Christmas cocktails. As kind of a support network for wrapping Mums….! She arrived at mine (having walked across the road) with about 6 bags of goodies to wrap, and a box full of festive paper, tags and tassels.  As the boys were still awake, we put all her bags in the front room, and cracked on with a Christmas cocktail


Two very large ones (each), and a bottle of prosecco later, the boys were put to bed.  We had a bit of dinner, grabbed a bottle of white and moved into the front room to tackle the wrapping….


What a complete disaster!!  We were smashed….There was little piling, grouping or planning, no ribbons, or even labels.  The wrapped, un-named gifts were piling up, and the wine was still going down.  At one point panic set in and a massive, black, whiteboard marker came out to initial each package….Does santa do big Ns and Ts on his gifts?  I think he does now!!

We got there in the end, but I’ll be honest, I’ve not a clue what I have wrapped.  The boys gifts have definitely been mixed up and I’m sure they’ll be getting nanny’s bed socks, and daddy’s wallet…. There was unexplained blood all over the lounge carpet from a mysterious cut on my foot, and a few empty bottles….

We managed it, it eventually looked tidy again, and so once the gifts were safely hidden in the cupboard under the stairs, we went back to finish the wine…..and then I fell asleep, and my lovely friend had to let herself out – epic fail all around!


It’s not all a complete car crash though…..The one gift I know I have wrapped is the winner of the best gift ever prize.  We lost the youngest’s “blankie” in Preston in October.  Pure and utter sadness hit the whole household (and many of our friends) when the news really hit home – Blankie had been bought in Arizona from Walmart by my mum, ten years ago, and had been the biggest part of our babies’ lives.  It was incredibly unlikely I would every be able to buy another.

I had chased up everyone I could think of to try to find the old one but nothing.  After MUCH searching, I did finally find an identical “blankie” on ebay. I ordered it from a random woman in America, cost me a fortune, but it arrived, and I know I wrapped it on Friday. I am just not sure which pile it ended up in!!

No one believes “Blankie” will ever be seen again, so I’m hoping this little package will rejuvenate the magic only Father Christmas can bring on Christmas morning….the rest is anyone’s guess!!

I’ll let you know how it goes…! It was a great idea in theory….and with a little tweaking will become an annual tradition!!


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