Nativity Nightmare!

It’s that week, again, you know the one that you long for all you.  The one you see your little cherubs playing some cute, expressive, singing nativity character.  You long for Mary or Joseph, of even a speaking part, but every year it ends in disappointment….

This year the youngest apparently ‘chose’ to be a shepherd.  He came home with a note explaining how I needed to find a long striped shirt and a tea towel, I have 3 weeks notice, sounds easy enough.  Sadly all the long shirts in our house drowned him and made him look more like Wee Willy Winkie, into the loft rummaging for the ‘clothes he’ll grow into’ bag.  Finally having located an old shirt of the eldest’s, I thought the tea towel bit would be a breeze… not so.

I suddenly realised how hic a state my tea towels were in.  Now, I’m not a messy person, a dirty person, I clean up frequently, but it appears the stained, ripped state of my (our) tea towels has bypassed my observations.  What must people think when they come around!! Not that I get them to dry up, but still!  Hoping there was a least one clean, stripy useable tea towelorrif


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