A spa a day takes the noise away

Wow! I feel restored, refreshed, relaxed….why haven’t I understood the whole spa thing before?? This weekend was the much anticipated weekend away with my lovely girlfriends for their birthdays. We booked a night and a few treatments at The Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells, http://www.spahotel.co.uk.

We left our respective children with a variety of parents, grandparents and friends, swung by Sainsbury’s to pick up some bubbles and headed over there for an 11am start.

Getting totally lost on the way to Tunbridge Wells from Ashford, I could hear the husband in my head ‘telling me he told me so’ as the sat nav failed dramatically and repeatedly, where was his A3 paper road map when you needed it!

Thank god for iPhone maps, which got us there eventually albeit 7 mins past my first session!

Whisked quickly from stressful car ride to serene frankincense infused, darken room and I could feel the head noise disappearing instantly… A full body de-stress massage followed by a facial, I had died and gone to heaven.  It took a good 25 mins into the muscle crunching, back agony, with the blocked nose that comes with lying face down, for me to start to relax. Flipped over onto my back and the eyes started to get heavy….gone.

An hour an a half later, I was oiled, relaxed, calm, and I had another whole 24 hours ahead of me in this place without children, housework, day job…I even put the phone on silent.

A bit of a steam room moment before 10 mins in, a chatty young soul came in and didn’t stop yapping.  Bless him, after I had heard about his divorced parents, his 36 year old friends still living with their parents, him being kicked out of home at 16…..I had to leave…

Into the sauna, happily alone, until two men walked in.  They gave me very wary looks as they sat quite close, it was only when I left 5 mins later I realised I was in the male sauna…oh well I hope it spiced up their spa!

Bit of gym, swim, relaxation room and a very large gin….ahhh.

Why don’t I do this all the time? To be fair, it’s not cheap but bugger me I feel like I’ve had a week in the caribbean.

Up to the room for bubbles, nibbles, and a few more home administered treatments.

I checked in with the family back home – bloody Daddy Cool!! He’s only whisked them off to London, McDonalds for lunch, watched Paddington 2, Lego store then TGI Fridays….FFS!! There’s no homework, reading, or thank you cards when Daddy Cool is in charge….!


However, parental jealousy aside, I pushed on.  Yesterday morning I woke relaxed and rejuvenated in my kingsize boutique bed all alone.  I popped to the gym for a gentle burn, a quick steam then out to Tunbridge Wells for a super brunch of Eggs Benedict – the sort you only have without children!

My gym view…


My amazing breakfast….


I told the hubby I’d be home by midday, but then changed my mind, relaxed, rejuvenated and having some quality time with one of my best friends, I realised I needed to make the most of the time I had…..anyway the hubby told me to stay away –  more time to be Daddy Cool!!

The decorations we going up around town, and the christmas spirit was starting to get under my skin.  I realised that honestly, I’m a better wife, parent, daughter, sister, friend and boss if I take time to re-energise.  It feels selfish to be away from the kids and ‘home’ for even one night of peace, but yesterday afternoon when I got home I actually I felt kinder, calmer and all round a nicer person.

So boys & men, out there, with Christmas around the corner I would love you to treat your wife or partner to one of my pebble pictures, but if not, buy her a night away at a spa  hotel – Groupon do some great vouchers check here…Spa Days!  Force her to find her head space, make her leave you to cope alone, encourage her to stop for just a day – it is worth every moment, and she’ll love you for it in the end.

The last time I did a proper spa day, it was with my beautiful friend Heidi before she died.  I didn’t have children at the time, it was 10 years ago and didn’t get the whole spa thing – Oh my, I do now!!

Yesterday the quality time away had ensured my head was clear enough to pop into an art gallery and choose my new must have…..

Stuart McAlpine Millar‘s Faded Memories….I’m totally smitten!!   (Crowd funding maybe!!)  https://www.castlegalleries.com/art/faded-memories





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