Both Hands Baby!!

I cannot tell you what has happened to me between writing the last blog and his one, but I am feeling remarkably back in control.  I had a serious word with myself, stopped wallowing and made some changes to the routine.

Since September, the day job has been 1000mph, the Just Claire pebble art took off quicker than I expected and I started Life Coaching again, both boys had their birthdays and my mum has been trying to buy a house down the road.  We’ve been to Chesington Zoo, Liverpool, Preston, Blackpool, and as a result, I’ve gained a couple of midriffs rolls, not been sleeping well, eaten terribly, and most certainly have been drinking too much.

Last week’s revelation about my boss has taken a while to digest, but it also helped slap me in the face with a massive wake up call.  I suddenly realised, I was back to letting life fly by without ever having time to ‘stop and smell the flowers’ .

I had an epiphany moment recently.  Up until this point, I had convinced myself that I did not have enough time to fit everything  in, and that I just needed more time.  However the logical side of me questioned this.  If I was given a free hour every day, would that help?  If I had an extra week every month, would it help?  In fact, let’s be generous and chuck in an extra hour a day, an extra week a month and an extra month a year…..does it help?  Does it heck….

I would fill the time, and so would you, we all would.  Time is not going quicker for me than anyone else – not really.  24 hours for a sloth in a tree takes the same amount of time as it does for me, but the sloth and the tree both sit solidly in peace and gentle content, whereas I perform like the road runner!

So my problem is not lack of time.  In fact, I have all the time in the world.  My problem is how I spend my time.  The result I am looking to achieve is of course time; a bit of down time for me and the family, time to exercise, time to make pictures, time to see friends and family….

I am great at coaching and planning for others, but never allow myself the luxury.  Time for me to grab it back with both hands!


I recently experienced the benefit of sitting in a room without a computer, planned from my head, with just paper & pens – I removed the technology and it gave incredible clarity and silence to the brain…

Calendar, budget, exercise, meal plan – to do list – a massive one.  Just achieving one job a day makes a difference, just a 1 degree change required.  I’ve finally hired a cleaner (she starts Monday – lets see…), I’ve sorted a window cleaner, ordered the logs, changed my dentist appointment, finished the boys thank you cards, found mum a house to buy, planned the boy’s christmas gifts, …it’s going well, but I’m not quite there, the day job still has issues.

I have a Pig Wrestling session (read the book here it’s super), planned for the first week in December, and I cannot wait.  I’m spending a whole day with a fabulous guy (Dr Mark Bawden) in rural Derbyshire, cleaning pigs (read “work problems which need solving!”), watch this space. I have already started working with him, and it’s really providing super clarity to me.

So with all this planning in mind, and clarity of thought, my creative brain woke up and a few Christmas pebble mock ups popped into the head….what do you think?

Oh, I have also found my new home in Barbados, spare £300k anyone?? I wonder if they can hold on a few years….check it out…but don’t buy it, it’s mine….!!

Seamoss Barbados



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