Be That Man…!

I need to apologise for being offline for the past week, in all honestly this “Birdwas well and truly knocked off her perch. I had some news that completely side swept me, and hit me harder than you could have predicted.

Anyone who knows me, knows I battle with the rat race. Everything I do at present is in planning for a calmer life back in the Caribbean of my childhood. The rushed commute to work, the 1000mph day job and rushed commute home… all for the future. Some days I love my job, but others I loathe the whole concept of what I do with my days. Last year in particular I really struggled with the point, but then out of nowhere things changed.

I took over the team I worked in and started working for the most fabulous boss I have ever had. He was everything you need, authentic, honest, loyal, supportive, but hands off, trusting, funny and more importantly kind. I genuinely didn’t think these people existed in the financial industry but he did.

He was my direct line to the CEO and he promoted my worth at every opportunity. Over the past year when people have said through winced eyes “How’s the job?” I could honestly reply “Its great, I have a super boss, and that makes it all worth while”.

Don’t get me wrong, this has been the most stressful year of my career, but having his support made it all manageable.

So when just last week I found out he was leaving the business, I simply burst into tears. We’ve had a long chat and I realise that whilst he did not want to leave, there were changes he could not fully support. For days I couldn’t look at him or think about it without crying. What is wrong with me!!?

I’m sure the husband was getting anxious as I talked continuously about how much I loved this man and what he did for my morale.

I haven’t been blogging, simply because I couldn’t say anything, but it’s all I wanted to talk about. So the news is being published today, not the full message, but the corporate one… it’s public. I’m just grateful I have had time to digest.

My boss is my very own August Landmesser. A man that stands up for what he knows is right and will not follow the crowd.

Normal business will resume at work and at JustClaire, of course life goes on. However, when he leaves, which is very soon, I know he will be fine because the universe will take care of things for him. He is definitely one of the good guys. It’s those he leaves behind that will miss him the most.

People ask me where the idea for Be That Bird came from and it was this picture of August Landmesser defying Hitler because of his love of a Jewish woman. Sadly it killed him in the end, but I bet he died a proud man with the love and support of many. So Be That Bird was about standing up for you and your individuality.

Fortunately, my boss doesn’t live in that time when disagreeing with the party line gets you killed, but I will feel I have suffered a huge loss when he’s not around and I doubt it will be replaced easily.

So Be That Man or Bird, stay true to your beliefs, your instinct and your pride….and you will have all the good people on your side., which has got to be what counts in the end.


2 thoughts on “Be That Man…!”

  1. So sorry Claire, I expect that means more work and responsibility for you. Just keep your goal in mind and hopefully the time will fly until you’re serving drinks on that beach.


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