Sleeping well, but the youngest has become Kurdish!

I’ve not been sleeping well of late, probably like all of you. A combination of work loads, JustClaire pebble art design ideas, a bad chair when working from home, and occasionally the dry mouth from evening vinos.

However, I have either discovered the cure to get me through the night or I have toned down all of the above….either way it’s working!

Firstly, I’ll be buying a new desk chair for home the current one looked trendy at the time, battered now, but more importantly I need one that works, at my age your back is sometimes all that holds you up!

I’ve also tried to quell the weekday drinking, half a bottle a night isn’t excessive in my eyes (just my GP and all other medical professions), but it does help add pounds to the muffin top. So at least 3 days a week without a vino is the aim and will result in 1000 less calories to count each week.

I’m gradually catching up on the day job work to do list. Crazy period is still on, but I had time yesterday to review next weeks calendar and decline unnecessary meetings – must do that more often!!

I am also nearly caught up on my Pebble Art orders, nearly all designs are out for approval and believe it or not that’s the hard part….

So we’re getting there mentally and a little beach time Sunday helped.

I still however wake occasionally at 3 and the mind starts…..Be it a song (Earworm – look it up!), an item on that list I’ve forgotten, or sometimes I even find myself thinking of things to think about!! It beggars belief!!

However…. I have discovered Neals Yard Night Time remedy essence!!

Roll the remedy, (which is organic lavender oil amongst lots of other fab things) on each wrist before bed and bosh you’re out!!

Not kidding, I bought it Monday and have slept solidly for 3 nights!! Get it, (link above) it’s amazing, it’s like drug, I honestly never knew nature was that immediately helpful!

I will admit a slight exaggeration, it has been more like 2 and a bit solid nights sleep…. I did wake 2ish this morning, as my mind was questioning my parenting skills from the night before.

I took the boys to a barbers after holiday club last night, the husband took them there last time and said it was amazing. He said to ask for a grade 2 back and sides and a long cut on top, for both boys….

I did, I promise….but by the time I realised what was happening to the youngest I was a bit too late!

The boy is now rocking a ‘Kurdishcut’, as the gentlemen barber called it 😬, I think he was trying to adopt him, he was very pleased with his work!

est immediately said,

“Wow that is so short it looks like you have no hair, I can see right through to your head!”, my response to which was to kick him and deliver the death stare!

Anyone who knows my youngest knows his hair is his pride and joy, so I told him he looked quite incredible and very handsome, which helped a bit…. until the husband came home and exclaimed,

“Bloody hell, what did you ask for? He’s nothing left!!!”

To this his little face dropped, I thought for a moment we’d have tears, but he just looked up confidently at his dad and said, “I really like it Dad, I think it’s cool!”, then beamed from bald ear to bald ear!

The little man owned the Kurdish Cut – Love that! He has never cared what others thought of him, and I am delighted, with all the pressures of the world you don’t need to worry about other people’s opinions of you too.

It’s all just him, I don’t think you can teach that, wish you could!


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