Beach combing to replenish the mind and stones…

The pebble art orders have been flying in at a super steady pace, so thank you to all of you who keep supporting me and sharing. I really didn’t think 3 months ago this business would take off like it has, and I am delighted with its success so far… However, I’m running out of supplies!!!

Whilst putting together a family of 5 picture I realised I am very low on heads!! It may seem silly to those not in the know, but pebble heads have to be a certain shape and size and need look right with the pebble bodies. Likewise bodies need to match heads and have their own particular shapes, short on both. (You see I do put a fair amount of effort in before construction!).

Then, after completing another 3 Be That Birds last week, I noticed I am nearly out of Birds!!! A bird pebble has to be white, small and bird shaped, and you thought I just threw this stuff together.

On top of that, the orders for pictures with driftwood are so popular, I am out of driftwood!!!

Clearly this is a JustClaire pebble art disaster, and with Christmas around the corner I need to replenish stock… v quickly! Sadly I have no holidays planned this side of April, and therefore hours wandering sunny warm beaches with the boys is not an option.

My mother has suggested the internet, where I could probably buy anything I wanted, however the whole reason I started JustClaire was because I dreamt of earning money from something I loved…. and that is beach combing not eBay!!

I did however jump onto Google and research the best pebble beaches near me… a lovely selection ranging from 7 miles away to 28, (which is perhaps too far for a Sunday jaunt).

Hythe beach it is then…. (Hythe Beach TripAdvisor)

3pm Sunday, I wrapped up my two employees, grabbed 3 ziplocks and headed off to Hythe. During the car journey we had our pre-brief.

“Boys, I need heads, bodies, birds and driftwood. Heads need to be small and round, Birds need to be white and small, bodies long and just any driftwood you can find”. The eldest then reminds us all, “and if you see sea glass, always collect it”. He is of course correct.

Mission set we arrived and got out the car.

The beach was almost empty, the wind was blowing, the waves were crashing and suddenly I was left all alone as my two young employees raced off to the sea…

I can’t blame them really. It’s not until you get back to the sea, that you are reminded how free the feeling is. How it can clear the cobwebs and free the mind. It was lovely to be there, hearing the waves crashing and watching the boys try to avoid the wet. The eldest failed dramatically and was soaked to his thighs within moments……ffs!

The smallest then decided to come and help me. Sadly he forgot the requirements and we ended up with any dead creature Hythe had to offer!!

We were very successful though, after a regrouping, and remembering the remit we thoroughly replenished the stock but also the mind.

Driftwood galore!

Thank you Hythe beach you were perfect!

The best mind replenishing was on the way home though, when refreshed and rejuvenated the smallest started telling jokes. I’ll leave you with his absolute best, created of course by himself, most likely in the spot…..

“What do you get if you join a F, I and a shhhh?”

Now surely you don’t need the punchline….


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