Gin in a tin… not chilled #don’t care….

Whoa… is Friday evening, it’s 6:24 and I have spent two days on my feet explaining the attributes of offset mortgages to very experienced, intelligent private bankers and I think we are all shattered. To be fair to me, they only had one 3.5hr session, I had to deliver 4. Never has a gin in a tin seemed so necessary!!

I had 11 minutes to change trains at Stratford Imternational before my train left for Ashford, but I would sacrifice getting home early this Friday evening to ensure I had something good and strong to enjoy on the train.

The M&S in Westfield Stratford is bedlam and not only is it too big to know where anything is when you ask someone for help they only know their section, sort it out M&S!!

I finally made it to the gin in a tin section only to be throughly disappointed with the shelving in front of me. Yes shelving of said tins…..shelving, not refrigeration!

With 8 mins to go I grabbed 3 (yup, jog on with your judging!) and then saw the queue to check out… ahh!! What to do… long queue for service or shorter queue for self service, knowing the need for approvals of alcoholic beverage purchase… or leave and run!! Self service then… wrong – stress levels up!

The woman on the till response could not have cared less, sauntering around like she had the golden ticket not a care in the world… panic sets in… come on luv!

She finally swankers over to me, swipes her code and I’m out the door before I can even see the receipt!

Now running through Westfield shopping at 6:05pm Friday night when West Ham are playing… oh yes, I picked a cracker of a day… people are sauntering, gossiping, walking 6 abreast. I huff and puff and moan until I see the exit. I get to the platform with 2 mins to go!! Hot sweaty, but “Result!”

Made the train, standing room only (after a day on your feet, never expect more) I have 3 gin in a tins, they are warm, but I have them and I don’t care… CHEERS!! Happy Friday all!!

A proper JustClaire blog in due course!!


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