Sod one for sorrow, I’ll take two for joy…

The bloody magpies are everywhere, they must breed like rabbits, I can barely keep up with the salutes on even a 15 min drive. I always say I am not really superstitious, but am aware of the immense contradiction in my statement. I would NEVER walk under a ladder, I internally panic at a black cat crossing my path, would not open an umbrella indoors, good forbid I’d break a mirror and then there are the magpies….

A lone magpie fills me with dread, panic at the need to wish him and his family a good day before he’s out of sight, however when I spot his friend yards away that panic is automatically flipped into delight at the possibility of a joyous day ahead… crikey what is wrong with me?!

Last week, I realised, I mainly saw lone birds, so with the meteorite, the stars colliding, the general workload pressure and the dread of a TWO week half term with 2 small boys about to start, it’s no wonder I felt sorrow!

Just as the working week was drawing to a close and I was mentally working up to starting my other full time job, a very good, long distant friend posted a super picture tagging me….

It reminded me of a very impromptu ‘quick’ drink with her after work one Wednesday 16yrs ago which ended up horrifically messy in the early hours… I can’t tell you what happened, not because I cannot remember, I certainly can, but some things are better left to a select few’s memories! It immediately made me smile and I realised how happy I felt that all those years later she thought of it too.

Another very dear friend from years ago then chipped in with a reminder of a ladies lunch she hosted, to which I was invited, all very posh. That was until the others all left us, and we ended up jumping in the pool fully clothed (I may have pushed her).  We then headed off to play drums with a band doing a sound check till 11pm….again the rest remains between us – but what a lunch!

These posts have given me a little friendship flutter and I remembered what fabulous friends truly are. Decades later, good times will bind you for ever, even if it’s been years since you saw each other, and you are now all very much older.

Then, I went to collect the boys from after school club,  and there they were again…. bloody magpies, but this time there were two for joy.

By the time I came home the boys and I had seen 3 pairs of magpies…..things were looking up.

Another friend then posted about a recent ‘quick vino’ at mine after work which ended 3 bottles later due to an infectious giddy catch up (we only live across the road!).

All three of these tags in addition to the magpie pair sightings immediately lightened my mood, as rubbish as I had felt all week I was now soaking up and absorbing positive energy from these memories….and these friends.

Right, I am back, “Sort yourself out Foy!!”… RECONNECT!  MISSON SET…

First, I needed to meet up with the brilliant friends from days past. Sadly one is in Ireland and the other all the way in Oz, but I’m now planning the mother of all catch ups.  A girls holiday in a location in between the three of us! Thinking Dubai….but open to suggestions.  Time to start saving!

Secondly, I’ve booked a mini spa break for November with my two best friends for their birthdays. We were planning a big day and night out in London, but actually realised we just need to relax without husbands, partners or children and god it would be lovely to have a bit of silence, (with a few bubbles probably) and time to talk….. Done!

FullSizeRender 2Thirdly, I miss my hubby. Don’t get me wrong we sleep in the same bed every night, eat in the same house usually together every night, chat briefly when he comes in, maybe watch something on catch up. But that is simply sharing the same air. I miss us as a couple pre-children, pre-high pressured jobs, pre-commuter life. So… dinner booked on Wednesday night, just the two of us… at a real restaurant, and in the middle of the week no doubt!

FullSizeRender 3

Then, out of the blue yesterday an old friend who I used to board with at school 30 yrs ago, and now lives in the US, messaged saying she is arranging a visit back to the UK for next year – full on school reunion…..perfect timing.  I am reconnecting and I like it!

Finally, I caught up with friend last week for a quick lunch, we were both shattered and hungover, so we didn’t even drink any alcohol!  That lunch and all the random connecting this week has reminded me, that even when you are exhausted and you would rather stay in, or you’ve not cleaned the house, or have the excuse that you’ve not put the washing on, the easy option is to stay indoors and hibernate, shut down, and that is what I was doing.  But actually I need my friends as much as they need me.  I’ll admit I get so much joy from my friends each and every quirky little one of them, so I need to make the most of them all, far and wide.

Yesterday’s incredible sky, although caused by a combination of Sahara sand Hurricane Ophelia,did have us all thinking, that just for a moment, the apocalypse may be here….

…I ask you, if it was, who would you like to be re-connected with just once more, for a good old laugh, a catch up and a reminder of really good times.

Friends I’m coming to get you…


Lastly, yesterday was a very dear friend‘s 50th birthday.  Sadly she didn’t make it to celebrate with me, but I know she’s up there somewhere, in killer boots dancing on a table with a mojito in her hand!  Life is too short…..You may not have the time with your friends that you think you do…..this one is for her daughter….she’d be top of  my list….XXX







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