Helpful, Not Helpful..!

I have been in a bit of a foul mood this week, nothing big at all, just little snippets of annoying things culminating into Mrs Incredible (by costume alone) being a tad negative.

Yes, even I lack positivity every now and then. If you who know me personally or professionally you will usually see the overly positive outlook I dish out and encourage others to have. “Energy follows thought” as they say and I know this better than anyone, so why can the rational me not snap out of the negative strop??

I’ll be honest, it started with the mother of all hangovers on Sunday. As you know I made last weekend count. Sunday however was a write off and I achieved nothing… with the remnants of liquor inside, this failure to ‘achieve’ seemingly hit me hard.

I went to work Monday feeling like I had been attacked by a ‘dementor’. Both boys were up in the night at completely different times and I slept so poorly in between due to my weekend excesses, that I probably racked up 4hrs sleep total.

Tuesday, I thought it couldn’t still be a hangover and that it must be something more, my whole body aching, and was utterly shattered.

By Wednesday, still exhausted, but now with a sore throat, stiff neck and a headache I decide I’m probably coming down with a cold. Grr… I have no time for a cold.

All this feeling of exhaustion and lack of ability to perform and achieve my best makes me think, maybe I do need help. But only of the helpful kind…

What do I mean…?

A few examples of what I do not mean.

The youngest wanted to take one of my pebblepictures to school for show and tell. He is my biggest fan and is convinced I am famous because people buy them. He has told all his teachers and classmates that I am a famous artist and that he will show them all my work- love him!

So Monday morning, super excited, he’s sitting in my bed discussing which picture to take, and rushing out the door to get the 6:46 I agreed he could take one, I didn’t mind which, he was just to ask Daddy to sort it.

The husband selected a picture and popped it in a plastic shopping bag…. The 6 yr old sadly didn’t get time to do show and tell, but at least he brought it home…

Not the husband’s fault, but when I mentioned that night that the picture had been broken I heard these words… “Well that was obvious!” Helpful, Not Helpful.

Then Tuesday evening as the boys were having their tea, I noticed washing in the dryer, still rather damp. I flipped it on for another 40 minutes and then as I was sorting it later realised the wonderful mix of materials and COLOURS….

Every white t-shirt, school shirt, pair of underpants and sock was now mottled denim blue and there along side were the boy’s new jeans. The hubby had again been Helpful Not Helpful….

How can I be annoyed when he means so well and is trying to be helpful?

The school is another Helpful, Not Helpful culprit… the six year old’s homework “Help mummy in the kitchen, make a sandwich for your homework and then photograph it and show us what a great job you have done…” HELP MUMMY HOW??

He does not like sandwiches, so I suggested he make one for his brother, no point in wasting it. I soon learnt he cannot spread butter, jam, or peanut butter (which he also finds utterly disgusting!).

I then had to photograph it, send it to print, cut it out, stick it in his homework book, but hey he thinks he has helped Mummy.. bless!

The final niggle yesterday as I was standing on the tube. A seat became available and I politely offered it to a lady next to me. She smiled and told her teenage son to sit in it… Helpful, Not Helpful…

I usually blame this sort of negative mental turn on a new moon, but that was last week not this. It could be the hangover, that certainly didn’t help. However, I have concluded, with it being World Mental Health DayTuesday it is mother nature’s way of reminding me that we are all human.

Everyone can suffer bad days and depressive thoughts. Everyone is capable of having that black cloud descend. I look at the minor things that have annoyed me this week and normally I wouldn’t even remember them. Yet this week they have brought me down.

It is Thursday now and we’re getting closer to the weekend, so things are looking much better already. The fog is definitely lifting, the multivitamins are kicking the cold in the arse and the Just Claire pebble art is going so well and orders are flying in, I couldn’t be happier…

The cherry on top for me though, was when my littlest told me last night about how he had a Brain Holiday when he completely forgot something that morning…Out of the mouth of babes… what a lovely saying! I am taking that and putting this week down to my little Brain Holiday.

If you are feeling a little grotty, under the weather, negative or even depressed. Don’t beat yourself up, this too will pass. It could just be a little Brain Holiday or not but either way it’s okay we can all feel that way, and we can all come out the other end.

Putting on the positive pants!


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