Happy when it rains….

After 42 years I have just realised, I am happy when it rains….To those of you who know me, you will possibly find that statement a tad contradictory, as I love the sun and the heat, the beach and basically all things summer, but that does not mean I do not love rain. Especially a rainy autumn day in September.

Last Sunday was perfect for me. The day job was full on again last week, even waking my sleep deprived brain at 4:30am on Saturday to knock a few more things off the to do list. After 4 hours of email bashing, and as the family started to wake I had the sense that I was just possibly, on top of things, and actually we may have a work free weekend.

Saturday was the 6th birthday party, finally….  Hollywood Bowl in Ashford, with 12 under 8 – it was loud, disorganised, and inefficient.  However I got through it, the boys loved it, and I’d done my bit for their ever-growing memory banks.

Saturday done, and onto Sunday morning, oh my…. the weather was bleak.  The forecast was for solid downpours and the sky outside the bedroom window was proving for once that the BBC forecast was not lying.  We miraculously had no plans, and the fact it was pouring down gave me the luxury and indulgence of doing nothing!

I did not leave the house all day…  In fact I didn’t shower until 3pm.  I firstly had a little burn on my bike, then set to cleaning the house.  Finally fixing all those niggles along the way…..You know the ones, cupboard knobs that come off in your hand, the toilet roll holder that’s hanging off the wall….

The hubby took the boys out to get their hair cut and I had the run of the house….in my sweats, with the rain pounding on the veluxes…Bliss.  2:30pm and housework done, it was now time for Just Claire.  The boys having ventured out once were suitably content to stay inside for the rest of the day, and actually let me be….

Time to sort!!!


A job I have needed to do from the start….Imagine trying to find a matching pebble heads and bodies in this pile…..


40 mins later….flipping content, with a slightly achy back.


What this does not show you is the massive bag of ‘I haven’t got a clue’ shaped pebbles, but I’ll find a use for them eventually.

So now that my lovely new frames had arrived, and my pebbles were sorted, I had time to crack on with some orders….(I HAD TIME!!!)

13 orders to be precise. You are a very loving bunch at the moment, or maybe all my blogging about family is bring out the sentimental sides of you, either way time to get down to business – they were not going to make themselves.

The assembly line was set up…I was on a mission – Have I told you I love it when it rains?


We have a birthday gift for a wife in a black frame…the little arm gives a sense of a lovely little cuddle.


We have an anniversary gift with a very personal message…


A ‘My Rock’ for another hero of a supportive husband – You tell ’em girls!!


I’ve also been working on family portraits, but two are gifts, so just the one to see today.


So exercise done, house cleaned, pebbles sorted, 6 pictures made, a further 4 mocked up for approval – we’re cooking on gas people – and why?  Because it rained….the need to be in fresh air, whipped away from me.  Thank you mother nature (or was this one Maria?) for the special treat.  I don’t want it every weekend, but now summer is over, I’ll take a few more rainy days, just so long as I have nothing planned.

For those who fancy a little throw back this Tuesday morning… click on the link and have a little sing along!   Only Happy When It Rains – Garbage

Happy Rain Day – Please make the most of it, you don’t know how long you have….

Thoughts with Vegas…..


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