Something’s got to give…..

I have to admit to you all, I had a cry last Friday, whilst working from home (the day job) after a particularly frustrating email.  I normally love my job, but every now and then the pressure builds and tears of frustration burst out.  Boring work stuff really – sorry, but I was glad to be hidden away at home, as the few tears came.

By the time the hubby was home however, I had packed work away, and was finding peace in a bit of pebble art, getting my Just Claire therapy.  The boys were cheering me up no end, a gin was on the go, and I had remembered the good things again.

We had our surprise ‘free’ weekend ahead, and all the stress started to wash away.  As I said previously, it was a super weekend, and by Monday I felt thoroughly refreshed.

Then the week from hell started……


By Tuesday evening I was shattered, grumpy and angry and the hubby said, “Babes, you need to stop.  Please stop something, you are doing too much”.  He was right of course but what to stop?

So I started considering all the ‘things’ I do and work out where to slow down….

It was dinner time, and I was cooking – I love to cook, it gives me immense therapy, plus I like nice food – That therefore stays…

I adore my friends, i enjoy seeing them, I love a gin, a catch up lunch or a ‘quick’ vino after I get in from work with my lovely neighbour.  I re-energise with good friends, so that must stay.

I go on my exercise bike at least 4 times a week, for about an hour.  Because I need to, but also because I get to sit down and watch trash TV with no interruptions….bliss…so that stays.

I clean the house once a month – I know shoot me!  And whilst I will never say I love to clean, I do LOVE the house after I have cleaned.  90% of this happiness is because I know it is spotless.  I have had cleaners in the past, and never quite found a good one…so that stays….for now.

I am also a Life Coach, and whilst I don’t have many clients, I love the ones I do have, and they seem to love working with me.  I have tried to take a step back, butI enjoy it…staying.

I love writing this blog, and pottering with the Just Claire Art, both are complete therapy for me…so staying…..

I’m now getting to those things I have to do…..employment, commuting, bills, car MOT, birthday parties…and they have to stay for now.

Running low on ideas…

Whilst chatting to the 5 year old yesterday evening he said “Mum I haven’t had a hug from you yet”.  So we had a hug and whilst doing so he told me how he much he loved his family.  “Me to” I replied.  “Mum we have the best family”.  I agreed and said we were very lucky, we are the “Fabulous Foys”.  A massive smile appeared and he said “and I know why we are fabulous……it is because of you!”

Well what do you say?  Heart melt… bless him!

He then added “….because remember when at I was at school and put your name into the computer, it said you were the Queen“……. thank you Claire Foy (award winning actress) for making me appear better than I really am.


Anyway, once again his wise words resonated, and I thought, we are fabulous as a family.  We have fun, and I really don’t do anything I don’t want to –  I am very quick to ensure we all fill our days with things we like to do, and I rarely engage in anything that upsets me, or depresses me, I truly know life is for living.

So I needed to reframe my problem as suggested in the wonderful book on clean thinking Pig Wrestling by Mark Bawden.  The ‘problem’ or ‘pig’ being, not that I was doing too much, but that I was caring too much about something at work, that I had no power to change….It was not actually my problem, not my pig to wrestle.  I needed to leave it…and so I have.

823C0FF4-8912-441E-AD3B-B13BDAF2BD3A(Thank you Lady Moonrayne)

So right now everything is staying….apart from my stress.  I was causing it, no one else.  I needed to remember where to focus my energy…. not on the pig, but on the things I really do enjoy… family, friends, Just Claire, life coaching, and moving to Belize….

Within an hour of deciding this, I had another 7 orders for Just Claire pebble pictures …so perhaps energy really does follow thought…….

Er..excuse me whilst I get to THINKING……



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