Do not save it for best…..

I have had a perfect weekend just as promised, with nothing occurring on the agenda.  It has been filled with sorting, biking, cleaning, binning, TV, family treats, a takeaway, strictly, a little shopping….and of course time for a bit of Just Claire Art….bliss…

I have even learnt something off my youngest, so it seems you can teach an old dog new tricks.  It was yesterday morning, a lazy Sunday, when at about 10:30am having sent the boys upstairs to finally get dressed, the five year old came down with a crisp collared shirt, a waistcoat and a bow tie on.  I told him we were not going anywhere nice and that he should save his lovely outfit for a special occasion.  “No mummy, I want today to be a special occasion, so I am going to wear this”.

To be fair, he looked gorgeous, and I could not fault the pride he had in his appearance, also he was right, why save it for best, everyday should be your best.


So having opted for the white jeans today (usually saved for best), I got to thinking about what else I save for best and as a result never wear or use….

First stop was the loft, out came the hubby’s family crystal.  We have had his dad’s cut glass crystal boxed up for 7 years, out it came, lets put these babies to use!!

My new rum bottle…..and a little bit of fizz…trust me it tastes much nicer.


Then when preparing the spatchcock chicken for dinner, out came the expensive olive oil from Croatia, lashings of it….. Off into the garden, I snipped off every single parsley, chive, mint and basil leaf left for a salsa verde – how extravagant!!

I then took the boys out to the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet for a bit of fresh air, and so the youngest got to make use of his outfit.

With his birthday in less than two weeks we have been discussing what he would like.  So far the list includes, a watch, a bike, Heelys, a ride-on electric Ferrari, (only £249.99!!) a Spiderman costume, a Lego batman costume, to name but a few.  However, as we were walking around the outlet he saw the Hugo Boss shop.  He delightedly exclaimed that was the shop his much older step brother gets his clothes from and please mummy please could he have a jumper with BOSS written on it –  Oh lordy…He is 5….

Fortunately, they do not do kids clothes in that shop so we were able to bypass it.  However, low and behold the next children’s shop we stumble across Kids Around had BOSS clothing in the window – he spotted it, we went in….eek!

I found the discounted section, and discovered some nice little shirts reduced from £69 to £13 (£69!!!), but these were not BOSS.  He scurried off and after a few minutes, returned with a black hoodie with BOSS emblazoned across it – not on the discounted aisle, and begged and begged me to buy it.  I told him he was 5 years old and that there was no way I was buying him a BOSS hoodie, I kept browsing, he kept asking… no matter what else I showed him, it was all he wanted.

I sent him and the eldest outside to wait while I bought the £13 shirt, and of course whilst he was out of sight I bought him the hoodie too.  It was not that expensive, (it is an outlet and I have spent more on gin on a night out), and he does thoroughly love his clothes, so I know it will be a big hit.


He obviously will not be getting the rest on his list, but knowing him as I do, he lives for clothes and always has, changing two or three times a day!  He will not save it for best, and I would not want him to.  I cannot wait to give it to him!!

So my ask of you all this week is to take a leaf out of my 5 year old’s book….  Gentlemen, wear those Jeffrey Wests to work, ladies spray that Jo Malone to go to the supermarket, drink from the pricy crystal, use the holiday purchased olive oil, drink that bubbly you’ve been saving for a special occasion…get your best out every day, and make each day a special occasion, you just don’t know how many you have left.

And with that thought, why don’t you treat a special loved one to one of my Posh Pebble pictures to show them how much you care about them….


Or maybe just a natural pebble one like this one made last night for someone’s daughter…

FullSizeRender 4


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