Just the family please….

Sometimes through all of life’s ups and downs you need one or two days when you go in shutdown, lockdown, hibernation, whatever you wish to call it. This weekend is one of those for me and I cannot wait!!!

I have had a ‘day job’ work week from hell running around like a blue arsed fly, but feeling like I am wading through quick sand by not really achieving anything tangible.  The to do list is growing longer every day and I feel another 3am email clearing session on the horizon, yesterday was a gin in a tin day….but it is now Friday, the weekend on it’s way and suddenly things seem a little better….


On the flip side I have had a super week with Just Claire.  I delivered two pebble pictures on Tuesday to a friend, one for her hubby, the other as a wedding gift (will show that one after it’s gifted).

“My Rock”…..as it was made, and then hanging in it’s new home.  (I do love that little heart…)

I also had to make and post out two new Be That Bird pictures….

A flamboyant bird again bought by a man for his missus – Love that! And a Dancing Bird bought for someone’s friend’s birthday…this one needed the whitest pebbles possible…I did my best.

I completed a piece for my lovely cousin and his wife, of their Family Pack.  They are animal crazy and have 5 dogs, 2 cats, 3 rattle snakes amongst other things…I left the snakes out for fear of running out of space and pebbles!


Finally last night I finished a family set depicting the growth of a gorgeous family from when they first got married to now when they have surprisedly been blessed with a second child.

The first one, I managed to investigate where they got married and copy that, the second is when they lived in Cyprus with their son, and so I snuck in the Cypriot symbol of a bird with an olive branch, and the final one is all 4 of them in the English countryside, now they have moved back… You could not get a more bespoke or unique set of pictures.  These will mean nothing to anyone else, but I hope they provide a few happy memories for the family.

So a great week for Just Claire and pebble art, a crazy week for the day job, oh and my life coaching is picking up again….but all of this, every single thing is for my family…so we can save up enough to live a more chilled life.

This weekend we were due to stay with a friend for his birthday.  It has been ages since we have seen him so were really looking forward to it, even after last weekend’s shenanigans knowing we could all do with some rest.  Sadly however, this weekend had to be cancelled, and so we find ourselves miraculously with a weekend off – nothing to do….I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!!!

I  have a few more picture orders to complete, and some new posh pebble designs I want to try out, and I must tidy up the website, it needs serious work, but it is a complete luxury to be able to do that.  The hubby has football Saturday afternoon, so the boys and I, shall hopefully hunker down in front of a film, with a big bowl of popcorn…they can watch and I will probably fall asleep….they will be angry with me for doing so but you can’t win them all – I’ll be there in body!

You cannot chose your family they say, I think that is a good thing.  I believe they are carefully selected to test you, to tire you, push you to breaking point, and then love you unconditionally.  From my parents and siblings, nephew, niece, cousins and step kids, to my hubby and the boys….I am so lucky to have them all.  I am exhausted, our life is too bloody busy, but I’m glad we get to do it together….Blessed.

So this weekend, back to just the family please…..try it.

So for a special treat…’The Weekend Song’ from the 5 year old, when he was only 3….lyrics by me…rock’n’roll!! (only 24 seconds and it’l make you smile, watch it!

The Weekend Song

P.s.  I know lots of you have been asking…yes the 8yr old has forgiven me, unconditional love – thank god!!







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