I am an Ikea Queen but my eldest hates me!

Another whole week and a weekend over and once again it was rammed packed full of tears, tantrums and more laughter than I have had in ages…. (except when my friend was groped in Mykonos, that was funny). Yes, it was at the expense of one of my boys and for that I am sorry, but even writing this and remembering the 2 minutes, I am chuckling hysterically inside.

More on that later…

Firstly, the Ikea flat pack saved the day on Thursday.  I love my husband, dearly, but not for his carpentry skills.  We needed to replace the boy’s chest of drawers before the summer, and opted for a cheap Argos flat pack, because we could collect it immediately.  Trying to be helpful, the husband built the drawers over two days, through much huffing and puffing, but he finished it eventually.

Three days later, the five year old leant on his underwear drawer and managed to pull it off the runners. Worried daddy would be angry we did our best to fix it and to get it back in place, it was not perfect.  However, the very next day, the eight year old ran down the stairs shouting that he could not get his clothes out and the drawers had fallen apart.

Annoyed with the drama rushed up to their room to find this…..


I have no idea what happened, but the drawers did not even reach the runners any more!!  It was unfixable…IKEA and mummy to the rescue.

So I ordered the Ikea Malm Drawers which I know are super sturdy but with a 6 week delivery we had to put up with the disaster that it was. The boy’s room quickly became a messy pile of clothes and broken drawers.

Finally, the flat pack boxes arrived last Thursday and after 2 months of the above I was desperate to get going…husband banned, and after a full day at work I started..7pm…..1 hour 13 mins……BOOM!!!

Ready before bedtime!  IKEA QUEEN!!

The boy’s room back to normal, and the weekend on it’s way…. I slept satisfied.

This weekend was a big surprise for the boys as my cousin and his wife were arriving from Arizona. As she works for Merlin Entertainment she had arranged for us to go to Chessington World of Adventure for two days and stay the night actually in the Chessington resort – two whole days of family fun planned….virtually free!

We headed off first thing Saturday morning, and the boys had not a clue.  Fortunately the eight year old cannot be arsed to read, so even missed every sign pointing us to our destination.

We arrived about 10:30am and to their delight my sister and her kids were joining us, so it was a full on day of familiness….off we went to ride…

We warmed them up on Toadies Crazy Cars, simple and thoroughly boring, then failing by thinking the pirate ship would not be too scary, we managed to put the eight year old off any further rides within the first 30 mins of the weekend…this was going to be a challenge.

Not only did it then bucket down with rain, in our desperation to have a go on a big ride, we left the eight year old with my sister’s two year old whilst we quickly ‘popped’ on a ride.  We sat them at the exit, we could see them, and we would be right back 10 mins – he said he would be fine but just to know he was never going on another ride again and to just go.  The queue was not quick, and it did not stay in sight of the exit.  Panic started to set in and we needed to get back to them asap.

By the time the husband ran to get them, he was brutally chastised by two women who were thoroughly disgusted we had left an eight year old in charge – EPIC parent fail…thank you ladies whoever you are, you were right, and we were very wrong – kids are still alive…phew!

Saturday love and family time restored, and the rest of the day and evening was a success.

The next morning up and out..early park passes on wrists.

The eight year old had digested the fact his younger brother nailed the Vampire ride and with a little persuasion from the 4 adults had decided he would brave it and save face.  I have NEVER, EVER laughed so much.

Fortunately for you (and not him), I captured it….Enjoy….and please don’t judge it really was funny  and he still loves me….and last night even confessed he actually like it.

So funny! Especially in the middle when he is asking if it’s the end, and as I couldn’t respond, he calls out to the husband….I could hardly breathe. Sorry son I love you, but I have a terrible way of showing it.

We had a really super weekend full of quality family time, not much Just Claire, but a little news of a new collection idea. I cannot really call it beach combing art, as I confess I bought these pebbles, but I would be keen to know what you think about Posh Pebbles.  Proper arty pictures to follow.

Do we like?


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