Being Mrs Incredible

This past weekend was once again ridiculously busy.  Nothing exciting to report at all, just the usual mum stuff.  Six year old birthday party organisation, homework supervision for two, food shopping for six, laundry and ironing for four, roast cooking for six, food cupboard cleaning…. Even I am bored hearing how busy I am, but the point is I sadly had no time to work on Just Claire.

I have had numerous chats with many women over this past week, and unsurprisingly we are all just as crazily busy as each other….doing nothing.  “Maintaining” the status quo, “managing” the house, or as I prefer to see it, “keeping it all together”.

I have one friend who is going through a terrible time with her very poorly husband as he is being put through some horrid treatment. She not only has to put on a brave face, but also has to consider his capability with everything as simple a washing up. She as such, takes on even more herself.  Another, whose elderly mother is going through chemo, and whose even more elderly dad is really suffering in coping with the journey, is having to keep them both in a good place, whilst also putting on a brave face.  One other friend, whose husband has had an affair, and is being a complete pig, has to pretend to her children that mummy and daddy are just not friends any more…. whilst putting on a brave….The list goes on, but you get the picture.

Each one of these women are incredibly strong and hold it together for others, but inside they are exhausted, their minds a buzz with what to do and say next, all the while ensuring everything continues to run smoothly.  (They also hold down jobs, by the way.)

These women, and many more out there need to make time for themselves.  Be it to go for a cheeky shop alone, a quick massage (wow imagine!), read a book, take a walk….even indulge in a little pebble art!

When I created the Be That Bird range the intention was to show that it is good, great even to be different. “Own it” as I like to encourage. The range has however evolved into something representing strong women in different guises.

We had the original Be That Bird, which was bought by a man for his wife, and I love what that says about him and his respect for her.

That inspired me, next came Be That Bird….Dancing

And then Be That Bird….Singing

Both went to thoroughly deserving and equally fabulous women.

Then we got bold with the feathers from Mallorca and Be That Bird..Flamboyant arrived!

Again a strong independent, single mum bought this one, who just perfectly fits the bill (excuse the pun!).

So yesterday, whilst the hubby was out Be That Bird was revisited, inspired by all the super human power houses I know.

(First of course, I had collect to the boys, collect a parcel, feed the boys, listen to reading for 2, help the 5 yr old write his party invites, clean the house and put them to bed…..)

So once they were tucked up in bed, out came the white pebbles, the glitter and the glue.

And along came…,

Be That Bird….Vamp!

And then another original…. Be That Bird..Dancing

With a nice little cone from Mallorca.

So whilst I am busy, and I could have sat in front of the TV watching girlie drivel without the threat of a channel change. I had some me time. It was only an hour to be fair, but then I of course before that I did have to clean the house…..

So ladies, we are all Mrs Incredible….own it, be proud of it, and take time to yourself to enjoy it, I think you are all doing just amazingly.


7 thoughts on “Being Mrs Incredible”

  1. Absolutely love your blog posts! Agree whole heartedly with Mrs incredible!! And love be that bird I just make my mind up which one I live best to order!!


  2. That is a fantastic inspirational blog. I really enjoyed reading it. Big shout out to all the women mentioned and to every other unsung bird (is that another picture in the making?). Disclaimer. The term bird is used here as a link to the artwork and should not be interpreted in any other way 😉!!


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