Delivery day

Sometimes all that build up of hard (sic) work comes to fruition and yesterday was one of those days.

It was a no exercise night Tuesday (I try!) and so I pulled out the boxes, the bags of pebbles, jars of sea-glass and my variety of gluey tools and once again turned our kitchen into the Just Claire workshop. The poor husband (sic) was on the sofa watching tv, rolling his eyes at his crazy, exhausting wife who had been up since 5:30am and now at 8:30pm was starting work on her “Pebble Art” again….on with some orders I went.

The first was one for my most returning customer (3rd commission already) for her friend’s birthday. It is a really nice bespoke piece signifying friendship, with a subtle personalised message.

Second was another unique baby piece for my good friend whose girlfriend has just had a beautiful baby boy Bodhi, welcome to the world little man.

Sadly though, I cannot show you either of these!!

The friendship gift will be shown after giving, so that’s not too bad, but I completely forgot to photograph the baby picture. I will have to ask him to send it to me when it’s displayed (no pressure to hang it!).

At 10pm as the hubby trotted off to bed, I said I would be there in “5 mins”, to which he looked at the state of the kitchen, laughed and see “yep see you in the morning”…..

I finally wrapped up the two new pictures and two further orders for delivery.

Be That Bird (dancing)

And a family portrait of 5 with a dog…

I tidied the kitchen and yes by the time I got to bed he was sleeping quite peacefully, he is always right (sic)!

So yesterday, I trotted off to the day job in London, with the 4 pictures to distribute, I felt like Yodel.

I am pleased to say the ‘friendshippicture was loved, until I saw a string of glue inside and mortified, promptly swept it back to fix (that’s working at 10pm for you!!)

The Be That Bird picture went to a super girl who needs a bit of confidence to know how awesome she is, and I hope whenever she looks at it she will remember that.

The family portrait also went down well, and thank you Andy for the Facebook review and share (it really does help)

The baby picture, no word yet, we shall wait and see….

The really good news, to top it all off was the arrival of my stickers and cards with the new logo and backdrop for Just Claire. Not a spelling error in sight! Success!!

So the Just Claire business is doing well and I am really enjoying the therapy in pebble art. I you would like to help me along, please share the blog, share the Just Claire Facebook page or even just commission a bit of art, I am sure we can make something just right for you!


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