School Routine Required!

Thank god it is back to school day in our house, last week was more manic than I thought possible. All those dreams and plans whilst in Mallorca of lazy evenings after work making art soon got trampled on and I really have not sat down since we got back 10 days ago!

First there was the sudden funeral which took a much needed day back in the office away from me, but I was very pleased I went. I then brought mum back home with me as she is looking to buy a house and move near me. I also had both boys (who like dogs need regular walks) and both the step kids…. and I was trying to work from home…hard!!

Whilst everyone was a great help with the boys, there were 7 mouths to feed 3 times a day, and the 5 year old is still very attached to me, not really understanding the shift from our lazy beach combing walks in Mallorca to crazy busy Ashford mummy having phone meetings and not being able to refill his juice every 20 mins!

This weekend thankfully things started to slow down, mainly because I turned work off, but two of the mouths also went back to their home. So between looking at properties in Ashford and back to school haircuts I did manage to get just a little creative…

I finished the order for ‘My Rock’ and another for a wedding gift, but I cannot show you that until the wedding has happened as the gift has been personalised with name and date, sorry!

I had seven more orders for bespokepebble art pieces which I am delighted with, thank you for your support (you know who you are!).

I had a little creative time to knock up another Be That Bird, which I know you all seem to love, as do I! This is a flamboyant bird and I am pleased to say sold almost as soon as I had finished it.

You should recognise the feathers from my collection near Marineland beach in Mallorca… plenty more to come.

I also completed the LOVE that I mocked up in Mallorca…..

The 5 year old read it then said it looked more like a y than a v so I may have to change it – It is still available for anyone less fussy than him!

So my life has been as hectic as ever, but I did manage to get creative and feel like I’ve accomplished some Just Claire time. Five pieces in a weekend isn’t great but it is better than nothing.

So we are now getting back to school, getting back to working in London, the extra family have departed (at least for the time being), and I feel the control slowly coming home…..and breathe….


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