Time to deliver

I have been back in Ashford for 4 days now, and the long lazy walks down the beach, with the boys beach-combing for goodies seems a hundred years ago.  Why is that?  The feeling of pure relaxation, the silence in your head, the time……gone.

I have finally finished the washing and the ironing the for week ahead, the boys are still off school, and I sadly have a funeral I have to go to today in Dorset, so it is all go again. With the step kids enrolled as babysitters, and working from home for the day job tomorrow…. that ringing in the ears is back again, ah well.

I started Saturday afternoon, with a slightly different office few from last week.  The kitchen table in Ashford, or the beach in Puerto Portals, Mallorca….umm….?

I have been working on a few orders, and the extra items brought back form Mallorca have made it SO much easier – I did not realise how low on stock I was – I must book in more holidays I reckon!

I have a wedding present picture to create (slight glimpse of an idea above), and one representing a loved one’s ‘Rock”.  Once I’ve finished them I’ll let you see the finished versions.

For now you will have to make do with a glimpse of a couple of the mock ups using a shell and pebbles from Mallorca and my beloved sea-glass.  Mock ups are never as good as the final pieces, but I do think I’ve fallen in love with the green sea-glassheart

Finally a MASSIVE thank you to my lovely friend Alison who returned from holiday yesterday with two bags full of beautiful pebbles – bag number two currently soaking…this should do me for a while.  Now it is time to deliver!!



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