Wood would do it…

I am still here in Mallorca, and yes I know how lucky I am.  Every morning I am able to sit on the balcony watching the sunrise, looking at the boats in the port and do a little Just Claire ‘work’.  Then, when the family wakes a good few hours later, we pop down to the beach, and spend the day relaxing and resourcing goods for mummy’s business.

The 5 year old now thinks I am “famous because of my pictures”, which is another comical insight to his precocious mind, but who am I to tell him otherwise.

Yesterday was slightly different to the routine, as we were heading out for a nice lunch with our friend who had just opened his new restaurant.  The Olive Tree in Palma Nova (Calvia) opposite the Son Matias beach.  If ever you get the chance to visit it, please do.  It is a beautiful restaurant, with a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, and the mussels are honestly the best I have ever eaten!

Prominent in the restaurant courtyard is a 450 year old olive tree which Woody (our friend) and his team had brought in.  It was quite an investment and many said it would not survive, but it is just splendid, taking centre stage.  It had me thinking…..Woody has always been so good to us whenever we visit him, it would be nice to give him something back.

Back at the beach, belly full, and a few of the 40 gins on offer better, I set the boys a mission – “We need wood!”.  Off we went combing the beach, (now empty of sea-glass), and managed to find lots of different shapes, textures and sizes of sea wood.  The littlest hunter also found a fish and a tennis ball….both of which he wanted to keep!


Back at the Spanish office I set to work on a few mock up of ideas… no paper to hand we had to improvise, and you’ll have to visualise (stretch that imagination!)


The Olive Tree….I know the branches of wood are not quite right, but we are off to find more today, of the spindly type I think.

Then a few more mock ups of future pictures…

A new version of ‘LOVE‘ (check out that ‘e’!!), a ‘Be That Bird‘, and an angel.

So with play time over, kids in bed, husband watching the football at the local watering hole, I set to work on the online shop.  I could think of worse ways to spend an evening…



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