Calvia Beach Combing….

We have been visiting Magaluf for over 10 years now, and anyone who knows me knows I say things as they are and so with Magaluf it is no different.  People will judge Magaluf on the press reports or the reality shows made there, and of course on the strip these reports are mostly true, but really there is a whole other side to the place.  The beach is wide and sandy and  the promenade which stretches a good mile or so has a selection of some of the best family restaurants in Mallorca.


Whenever we come to Mallorca we visit Magaluf (or Calvia Beach Resort) at least 3 times, we have a great friend who owns Pirates Beach Bar & Grill and another who runs Robinson Crusoes both of which are perfect for families and have stunning views of the beach and the gorgeous Mallorca sea.  The madness of the strip seems to stay away from the beach until the early hours of the morning, by which time we are back at our apartment and safely tucked up in bed.  So in short I love Magaluf, and I wish more people would give it a chance. However….. the beach combing is not so great!

I took my youngest for a little stroll to the sea edge to see what was about….nada!  After about 20 minutes and one broken pink shell, I had given up and was about to write Calvia beach combing off when he delightedly ran over with a handful of dried up sea balls…



“Ahh lovely darling!” (what the heck can I do with these, I thought).  I told him I would have to think how I could use them, and he looked at me like I was a complete idiot – “Mummy they are nests, for your bird pictures!”…………..Of course!  The smarts of a 5 yr old!!  That however, was all we got…..and a little disappointment that my two week beach holiday will end with nothing more than some ‘nests’.

So yesterday we were back in Puerto Portals, and I refused to give up.  I took both boys with me to a little beach tucked up beside Marineland to build my collection, and it turned out to be a good move new day, new ideas and all that…..the most beautiful selection of pebbles in so many colours.  The mission was on – “Boys I need hearts – get searching…..” we got to it….


We moved a little further down the beach where there was a much less used spot, full of goodies, and the view wasn’t too bad either….


We were probably only there 40 minutes, but the boys did me proud.  We found all sorts and their little heads were bursting with ideas for pictures (it’s not Just Claire you see…)

We now have sail boats, a mermaid tail (apparently), babies, birds, and a good dozen hearts (can you spot them?), but most of all the boys and I spent an afternoon together without computers, phones or a tv, and deposited a few more treasures into the memory bank…..and thats what it is all about.

So apologies Calvia, I was wrong – your beach combing isn’t so bad after all…. Thank you.



Author: justclaireart

Barefoot, mum, wife, lifecoach, beach combing extraordinaire.....I am at my happiest when I stroll the worlds beaches with the hubby and kids, finding the sea's many gifts, who would have thought you could make it into a business...

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