Busy bee weekend…

I had a super productive weekend but sadly out of loyalty to my amazing customers I'm not in a position to share most of the pictures yet as they are very personalisedgifts… so you'll have to wait till next week when I can be sure they have been given to the intended recipients.

The kitchen was once again awash with stones and sticks and also now a rather more interesting collection of star fish, coral, shells and even a crab leg or two…

I only had 3 hours on Sunday before we had rush off to London with the boys to watch Gangsta Granny (very good!), so I tackled my 3 most recent requests in my pjs at 6am….to many a strange look from my half asleep husband…. time is short, efficiency is key!

My first request was for a wedding next week. A few mocks ups and finally a really lovely piece chosen, but as I said a little too personalised (names and date!). to risk the recipients seeing until next week so you'll have to wait…

Next was a graduationgift, then a new baby boy gift…. again secret till next week sorry!

After returning from London I got into creative mode and put together another of my favourite pieces LOVE.

This one is really special to me as it has coral from Barbados, starfish and plant from Mykonos (you may remember me finding the starfish!) and wood from home… a real combination of treasures. But I'm in business so it needs to be sold….

I also finally got around to piecing together my other favourite piece…

And after all your input I have named this "Be that bird".

I love the implication of the meaning within this picture and think it will be a favourite of mine to make in many different guises.

Right, back to the day job have a great week….financial training anyone!


Author: justclaireart

Barefoot, mum, wife, lifecoach, beach combing extraordinaire.....I am at my happiest when I stroll the worlds beaches with the hubby and kids, finding the sea's many gifts, who would have thought you could make it into a business...

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