Mykonos Madness

Its day 5 of my girls holiday to Mykonos and we're back to England this afternoon. I can't say I'm too sad to leave. Whilst I had the most fabulous time with the best girlfriends I could ask for, the pace, noise and fumes in Mykonos was completely unexpected.

Why? Surely I would know that it is the party capital of Greece…. the gay capital of Europe… of course I did, but I also thought it was supposed to be quite posh…. it was not.

The t-shirts and caps on sale were scattered with profanities, most people you met in party places were drinking sprite and cola clearly laced with something, flying high at 2 in the afternoon and after my friend was groped twice, you wonder how safe you are (she is blonde however – Greek men seem to love that!)

We took a car one day and escaped to the north of the island… finding little deserted beaches to comb…success. Untouched and very peaceful. It was time to chill and scour the beach.

I then drove us to Kiki's Taverna (highly recommended) a little further around the island where another beautiful secluded beach was waiting.

Again we had found a little piece of calm… until a massive Turkish yacht turned up and blasted Michael Jackson as loud as possible it was like an 80s rave on the beach…. paradise ruined ever so slightly.
Nice yacht, but annoying!

That night we all decided to swerve Mykonos town and cross the road to our little beach, share a bottle of bubbles and watch the sunset.

And of course more beach combing!

Rummage around!

Our final day and again across the road from our hotel we found a perfect quiet pool with chilled out music and the most fabulous drinks!

Bloody Mary to start the day….

Basil and cucumber margarita, we have found peace at last… but not in Mykonos town.

So I love being with my girls, (oh how we laughed!), I love the break from being a mum, from not working and I love the quiet little beaches, but Mykonos, you are a little too busy for me, and your quads and mopeds are insanely noisy, smelly, and I think next time I will stay somewhere just a little less popular….

But thank you for all the goodies…. awesome beach combing arty ideas on the way!


Author: justclaireart

Barefoot, mum, wife, lifecoach, beach combing extraordinaire.....I am at my happiest when I stroll the worlds beaches with the hubby and kids, finding the sea's many gifts, who would have thought you could make it into a business...

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