More haste less speed…

At 42 you would have thought I’d learnt this lesson by now.  The Cambridge Dictionary describes “More haste, less speed” as said to mean “if you try to do things too quickly it will take you longer in the end”…  I have not learnt…

Not only did I launch Just Claire at a very busy time in the day job resulting in working till 11:30pm, but also just before a number of short holidays so time is limited. (To be fair I wasn’t expecting it to be a success!)

So in my haste to add the finishing touches to my pieces, I ordered business stickers for the backs of the picture.  I ordered these at 10:15 one night so they would be delivered before I left today but also in time for today’s collections (I have 3!), so I was delighted when they arrived in yesterday’s post.

Last night, I proceed to stick said stickers to the back of all pictures not yet posted or collected …. delighted with my organisation skills 👊🏼 you have this Claire.

Go on….Look really closely can you see…? Grrrrr….Muppet!!!

So those of you who have placed orders with me will have these very ‘special’ stickers on your pictures as life it too short to worry, but also to give you a laughing reminder of how foolish I can be when rushing things late at night.

New stickers ordered this morning for the next batch…. definitely too quickly again.

Then on to postage… argh!!! The post office boxes are either too small or too big for my large frames.  Bubble wrap is not enough to protect the glass…. have you ever tried to buy just cardboard?? (If you have and were successsful would you please tell me where).

Lots of tape and cardboard later and I think I’m content..

Please god it gets there in one piece or this little business may fail at the first hurdle.  

After bouncing the idea off some clients I have decided to add a sticker to the back of each piece explaining where the items are from.

Please let me know what you think…? Waste of time or nice touch?

Finally, I have completed another bespoke piece with a very personal message – just a little pop of colour.

I’m off to collect more things from Mykonos although timing could be better after last night’s earthquake in Kos.   Then again probably not bad for beach combing.



Author: justclaireart

Barefoot, mum, wife, lifecoach, beach combing extraordinaire.....I am at my happiest when I stroll the worlds beaches with the hubby and kids, finding the sea's many gifts, who would have thought you could make it into a business...

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