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‘Pebble Art’ picking up…

It’s been a super few days with loads of interest for bespoke pieces, and it’s great to hear people’s ideas, all very different.  I feel sorry for the husband who has not only lost his wife each night this week, but also his kitchen is now overrun with pebbles, sticks, paint, glue and frames! Sorry!

The cooking is out the window, he had cornflakes for his tea last night, 😬!

I’m now waking at 3 in the morning with more ideas which on the one hand is filling me with future pictures plan, but on the other hand is doing little for my beauty sleep, and that I do need!!

Finished a 5 year anniversary gift, which is wood for those wondering, so wooden bead hearts rule the theme here…

So it’s been busy, but I’m loving using the creative side of my brain. Biggest problem is I’m running out of materials, so need more frames, glue and most importantly items to use.  

Fortunately, I’m off to Mykonos at the weekend with some friends, so the husband will get his kitchen back, (not the wife yet), but I should have much more to play with after next week…..

What will I find….

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