Day one…love art

So day one started slowly with a bit of playful pottering, but then it became rather art manic.  I had 3 orders before 1pm, which was wonderful and I so started playing around with ideas…. exciting!

I had to collect my two boys from a party at 3:30 and my 8 yr old, being an art lover wanted to help. He’s not half bad but when people are paying they deserve perfection, and that’s hard to explain with tact. The 5 yr old then wanted to help… disaster!! I managed to ruin one piece 3 times and so realised trying to work with the boys anywhere near me was nigh on impossible!  All the while more orders were coming through…

My lovely friend who owns The Flower Shop in Hythe then messaged me to say she would like to sell my art in her shop. Naturally I was over the moon, but with the husband watching tennis and the boys running riot, I was starting to agree with her throwaway comment that I’d discovered another day in the week to “do art“…. I had to down tools…and social media for an hour or two.

Safely fed, bathed and plonked in front of a film I got back to it.  Yesterday was all about love and couples art … we’re a romantic bunch!!

The first was a final piece of an earlier mock up which gathered a great deal of attention “Love“.  

The next two pieces completed were for a super girl who used to look after my boys at school. She wanted a few personal quotes popped in for her and her partner…

Levellers song, for those wondering…..

She seems to love them both so I’m delighted. Its a great feeling to be able to put people’s thoughts down into something unique for them to appreciate.

My gorgeous artist friend from the Cayman Islands who does incredible art complimented me on my work yesterday. Fortunately for me, nature does all the hard work, I just play around, but it’s nice someone with her talents likes them.

So day one down, 3 more pieces to finish tonight after a long day in the office and the nightly feeding frenzy… yes I am feeling a little crazy, but very pleased.

Thank you to all who have supported me. If you want to see my pieces please visit my Facebook page Just Claire until I’m able to get the website fully up and running.




Author: justclaireart

Barefoot, mum, wife, lifecoach, beach combing extraordinaire.....I am at my happiest when I stroll the worlds beaches with the hubby and kids, finding the sea's many gifts, who would have thought you could make it into a business...

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